November 22, 2018

How to Choose a Network Marketing Company

After learning what network marketing is, you’re now ready to learn how to choose a network marketing company. If you haven’t yet learned what network marketing is, check out this page so that you can be ready to tackle the contents of this article.

Okay, now you understand what network marketing is. Now you know how to spot a pyramid scheme and now you have an understanding of how network marketing works. It’s time to find a networking opportunity!

There are several methods for choosing the perfect networking company or opportunity based on your needs, your time, your skills, your interests and more. Simply put, you must not choose a company based on how great the incentives are or based on what others say. Okay, perhaps the latter is important but I would advise you against basing your decision solely on other’s recommendations. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices after considering the following criteria, you can start asking others for recommendations and opinions.

Choosing a Network Marketing Company

Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a network marketing company:

Choose Products that Fill a Need

Carefully think about it. Is the product you’re going to sell solve a certain problem or fill a particular need? Will people actually buy it? Will it make their life better? It might seem a bit cheesy but look for products that can have an impact on the user’s life. For example, a revolutionary cleaning product, a health supplement, etc. In addition to that, ask yourself: will you use the products you sell on a regular basis?

Also consider finding a product that has an untapped market, although this might require intensive research to do. If you can find one, however, and if your product can bring something new and helpful to the lives of the customers, you will certainly do well.

Choose a Company that’s Already Around for a While

Pyramid schemes last a short time. Many MLM businesses don’t make it past the second year. Therefore, your goal is to find a stable company that’s still standing after at least five years. That amount of time is enough to prove that the company has a definitive goal in mind and that they really care about their products, their distributors and their customers. You wouldn’t want to invest your hard earned cash to a business that may or may not be existing tomorrow, do you?

Choose a Company that Offers Unique Products

It’s hard to find a truly unique product nowadays, but if you find one, it could be your gateway to becoming one of those people who step up in stage speaking about how their MLM career started.

It doesn’t have to be a truly unique product. Just make sure that it’s not just another copy of another successful product or service. You’ll have a hard time fighting against the fierce competition.

Does the Company offer Training and Support?

You want a company that cares for its distributors, and a company that offers training and support is certainly one who cares.

They want their company to succeed and in order for it to succeed, their distributors must also succeed and of course, for the distributors and the company to succeed, their customers must be happy with the products. The only way to do that is to train and support the distributors so that they can sell the products correctly and efficiently.

Keep in mind, however, that not all legitimate MLM companies offer training and support, but if possible, try looking for one that has.

Are You Happy with the Company, The Product and Your Colleagues?

Do you like the product you sell? Would you use the product yourself? Do you like the company? Do you like their offerings, incentives, payment methods, investment requirement? How about your colleagues? Are you happy with them? Answering yes to all of these questions is an excellent indication that you’ve found the perfect network marketing company for you.


Before delving into a networking company or opportunity, you have to carefully analyze the company and their products as well as their staff and distributors to make sure you’re taking the right choice.

Now that you have found or have the knowledge to find a networking company or opportunity, it’s time to find out how to do networking properly. However, I advise you to check out the final article in this series first before actually delving into your networking company of choice. Check out this link for more info.

Good luck!